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October 02 2017
By The Routeone Team

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Changes for the worse

We have been operating tours to Riva Del Garda for over 30 years.

In this time we have seen the town change considerably and the coach facilities have changed as well.

Like all European towns, we appreciate and respect having pedestrianised areas and traffic free streets in town centres.

This system is operated in many of the towns and resorts we visit throughout Europe, but we have never been refused access to our hotels in the early hours on our departure morning, when it is most difficult to load luggage and for our guests to walk a considerable way over a very difficult surface to rejoin our coach.

We noticed that it is allowed for taxis, goods to be delivered and for handicapped people to access the centre in the morning.

It seems prejudicial against our clients, many who have difficulty in walking, to make the journey from the Hotel Sole to the coach pick-up area.

We should be allowed to pick up at 0700hrs on the morning of our departure date for the safety and necessity of our clients.

Parking facilities are far away from the town and this is also proving difficult for our crews and other operators.

With many British coach tour operators deciding to exclude Riva Del Garda from their programme, something needs to be done so that we can make decisions for our future there.

Dave Parry, Managing Director,
Parrys International, Walsall

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