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August 09 2017
By Mel Holley

Mel is the Editor at routeONE magazine. He has more than 30 years’ experience in road and rail transport journalism.

New style for latest smart m-way

The £174m M3 upgrade to a smart motorway is now complete - and it introduces a new style of emergency refuge area. The work started in November 2014.

The new style emergency area on the M3 smart motorway

Technology on a 13.4 mile section between the M25 and Farnborough sets the speed limit to match conditions, helps spot queuing traffic, incidents or broken down vehicles, and informs drivers about conditions ahead.

The hard shoulder has been converted to a new fourth traffic lane in each direction, boosting capacity by a third.

As well as the smart motorway upgrade, it is the most extensive maintenance on the M3 since it was built in 1971, fully resurfacing the motorway and its slip roads and restoring it to an ‘as new’ condition.


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