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January 03 2017
By The Whisperer

With many years in the coach and bus industry, The Whisperer keeps his ear to the ground for all the latest tit-bits and gossip. Tell him what’s going on in your part of the world: e-mail him via

Err, a hippo fell on my windscreen boss: honest

A hippo falling on a windscreen was one of the wackiest things to damage windscreens in 2016, according to a survey by Autoglass, hears The Whisperer.

A hippo falling on a windscreen was one of the wackiest things to damage windscreens in 2016

Apparently, 2016 was a year full of the unexpected; from the lovers spat which resulted in a plant pot crashing through a windscreen, to the peculiar array of projectiles and damage-causing debris including bouncing onions, innocuous tiny sweets and a coconut.

The official top-10 list of the weirdest things Autoglass customers said were the cause of windscreen chips and cracks in 2016 is:

1. A hippo falling on the screen

2. An inquisitive safari park camel

3. A rogue cooking oil drum

4 A misguided attempt to hoover car park tickets off the screen

5. A toddler’s temper tantrum

6. A daredevil bee

7. A rare meteorite shower

8. A squirrel holding a hazel nut that landed nut first

9. Flying fish

10. A Heron-dous experience with a fast recovering heron with an odd flight path

More predictably, 2016’s data revealed that the most common cause of unexpected damage is stones and loose road surfaces (29%), followed by general mishaps (25%), ‘mysterious’ cracks appearing without warning often due to temperature changes (16%), animal-related damage (15%) and relatively rare occurrences of vandalism (5%).  

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