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December 17 2018
By James Rudman

'Dangerous' riding on outside of buses condemned

Brighton and Hove Buses and local police have called for incidents of people riding on the outside of vehicles to stop.

Youths riding on the back of a bus

SCases of young people hanging onto the back of buses in Brighton have been reported.

Martin Harris, Managing Director of Brighton and Hove Buses, says: “There appears to have been a spate of this behaviour recently. It’s an incredibly dangerous thing to do and I’m imploring people not to do it under any circumstances.”

PC Jay Jackson, Brighton and Hove Buses’ Police Liaison Officer, says: “If a driver is aware that this is happening they will stop the bus immediately and call our response team and the police. The trouble is, by the time we get there the perpetrators have usually gone.

“Young people are risking life and limb by doing this and I’m asking them to think about how serious this could be: for themselves and for their families.”

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