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February 08 2017
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Sponsored content: DC-DC power experience
put Alfatronix in pole position

Sponsored content: Supported by Alfatronix

35 years of DC-DC power experience put Alfatronix in pole position with world beating USB chargers.

With WiFi increasingly available on public transport, passenger accessible charging facilities are becoming more and more popular.  Alfatronix have been designing and manufacturing DC-DC converters and chargers for vehicle systems for over 35 years and their new range of USB chargers fully exploits this pedigree.

Alfatronix: 35 years of DC-DC power experience

When we started examining this market, we quickly realised that there was a fundamental difference between the low cost domestic products (cigarette socket chargers) and what would be required in a commercial environment.  Despite this, most of what is on offer for hard wire installations are still just derivatives of these basic products.  This meant that in designing the PVPro Range, it would not simply be a question of product differentiation, but of fitness for purpose.

The Alfatronix design incorporates automatic voltage adjustment to compensate for the level of charge in the device battery, thus maximising the charger performance.  On buses, the user may not be on board for very long, so they want as much power input as possible in a short time.  This involved designing to meet the battery charger spec 1.2 which ensures that the output is always configured to safely charge any device attached. 

Early on we elected to go for a premium USB output connector.  Most are only specified for 1,500 mating cycles.  In a public environment, this would offer no more than a year or two of service.  Our units are type tested to 10,000 mating cycles.

We know vehicle electronics.  We understand the high transient voltages present on a vehicle.  We understand the EMC considerations.  That is why we have designed and tested to ISO7637-2 and approved to automotive Regulation 10 (E mark) as well as R118 (flammability).  These are the safety and reliability considerations that will ensure long term high performance. 

PVPro Range

We are also aware that these products are constantly accessible to the public.  The high impact materials, shape, installation method and profile of these USB chargers is designed to withstand every thump and knock likely to occur in a busy transport environment, with only deliberate vandalism likely to cause damage.

By definition, the USB connector is exposed, but even if this is deliberately fused by a metal foreign body, the clever electronics will not only shut the unit down, but continue to monitor and start up again automatically when the fault is removed.  Even if the unit accidentally gets wet, the unit will detect the fault and shut down. 

Of course, all these features cost a little more, but we have developed and refined our assembly process to maximise automation.  Inside is an electronic circuit almost untouched by human hands throughout the assembly process.  Even the USB connector is assembled by machine.  This allows us to control the process for maximum repeatability and performance. 

The roll out of installation of USB chargers is very much underway.  We already supply to many of the major vehicle OEMs and are in negotiations with most others.  We are suppling several of Europe’s biggest bus and coach seat manufacturers who offer seat back installations as customer options.  We also supply underseat and retrofit options which enable fast and cost effective USB upgrades to vehicles in service. 

With 35 years’ experience, innovative engineering, built in fault detection and tamper protection, super slim designs, made in England using advanced production methods, we hope you will consider Alfatronix as your preferred partner in offering enhanced user experience to your customers and passengers.



Telephone: +44 (0)1202 715517

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