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March 13 2018
By Michaela Peacock

Michaela writes for routeone and Group Tourism & Travel magazines

Ticketer makes ‘huge difference’ to D&G Bus

D&G Bus has fitted all 94 of its vehicles with Ticketer ETMs to give passengers more payment options, and to utilise the built-in schedule adherence feature. 

Passengers have quickly adapted to all the new payment options, which include: Contactless, barcodes, multi-journey and cross availability products, and other cash-free payments.

All Ticketer ETMs have a schedule adherence facility, which D&G Bus is using to ensure the buses are running to timetable and to identify where any changes need to be made.

Chris Almond, Bus Network Manager for D&G Bus Limited, says: “Using Ticketer, we can now find out everything we need to know about every stop, every route, every day just by examining the compliance data generated by the ETMs, and we can do it just by pressing a few buttons rather than standing by the side of the road. 

“It has made a huge difference, as we can now identify any problems and react to any delays or changes to services much faster.”

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