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February 27 2019
By Tim Deakin

Tim is Editor of routeone and has worked in both the coach and bus and haulage industries.

Trailer registration portal for post-Brexit opened

£26 fee necessary for the first registration of trailers over 750kg that are used commercially in Europe

Trailers over 750kg  used commercially in Europe to require registration

The process for registering trailers that are to be towed in 42 countries after the UK leaves the European Union has been opened.

From 28 March, commercial trailers that weigh over 750kg, and all trailers that weigh over 3,500kg, must be registered before they can travel to or through nations that have ratified the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

Those countries include Belgium, France and the Netherlands, but not Spain. Trailers that are used solely within the UK, or between the UK and Ireland, do not need to be registered.

Trailers need to be registered with DVSA and display their own registration plate which is separate from the vehicle towing them. The driver of the towing vehicle must be able to present the Trailer Registration Certificate to a foreign enforcement authority on request.

Registration is done online. A fee of £26 is charged to register a trailer for the first time, £21 to issue a new registration certificate for a new registered keeper, and £10 for a replacement certificate. Payment can be made using a credit or debit card.

To register the trailer, the operator will be required to provide:

  • The name of the trailer manufacturer
  • The trailer’s VIN or chassis number
  • The gross weight of the trailer
  • The unladen weight of the trailer.

A Government Gateway used ID and password is also required. Both can be created when the service is used.

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