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August 26 2016
By Tim Deakin

Tim is Editor of routeone and has worked in both the coach and bus and haulage industries.

Mellor Coachcraft launches redesigned Tucana II

Full low-floor minibus is ‘completely redesigned’ to suit Volkswagen’s Euro 6 T6 chassis, it says

Mellor’s ‘re-engineered’ Tucana II is built on the Volkswagen T6 chassis

Mellor Coachcraft has unveiled its completely re-engineered Tucana II full low-floor accessible minibus, built on the Volkswagen T6 chassis.

“The original Tucana was very successful and recorded 600 sales. The arrival of the Volkswagen T6 necessitated a redesign, so our engineering team at our Scarborough facility has taken the opportunity to completely revise the Tucana from the floor upwards,” says General Manager John Randerson.

“Our efforts have been directed into creating a cost-effective, reliable low-floor minibus that we believe provides passengers with an environment that is best in class.”

In what the manufacturer describes as “a re-imagining of the original Tucana concept,” the frontal styling has been redesigned, and new interior mouldings have modernised the driver and passenger areas.

Up to four wheelchair users may now be carried, with no lift required thanks to the T6 chassis’ front-wheel drive layout.

The Tucana II retains only Volkswagen’ front-wheel drive system, dashboard and rear braking components. Suspension all round is now formed of coil springs, with trailing arms on the rear axle, although an air option is available on the latter.

The new model also has the same sliding door as fitted to the Mercedes-Benz-based Strata, which Mr Randerson says requires almost no kerb gap to operate and is more reliable than the previous door.

Internally, the new mouldings reduce the use of soft trim, and the first production example – delivered to Scarborough Dial-a-Ride – has a new design of ‘tip and fold’ seat, developed jointly by Mellor and Rescroft.

“The Tucana II has a level of robustness that makes it more than adequate for most applications, including some light stage carriage activity,” says Mr Randerson. “Though fare stage work is not the target market, this design and build quality will deliver the benefits of affordability, low fuel consumption and all-round reliability for any operator.”

Heating and ventilation is available in a variety of formats, with a roof-mounted air-conditioning unit of up to 12kW capacity offered.

The Tucana II is powered by a two-litre engine developing 150bhp, with both manual and automatic gearbox options available.

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