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Post-Christmas work return boost
for mobile ticket sales

By The Whisperer

With many years in the coach and bus industry, The Whisperer keeps his ear to the ground for all the latest tit-bits and gossip. Tell him what’s going on in your part of the world: e-mail him via

The full post-Christmas return to work and school on Monday saw Brits spend a massive £1.45m on smartphone transport tickets, according to leading m-ticketing provider Corethree.

All aboard with mobile in hand

It announced record-breaking sales figures of 140,000 mobile tickets issued on 7 January, which is 23 times the 6,000 sold for the equivalent post-festive period return to work day in 2015.

Edinburgh was the top city for mobile ticket sales on Monday, followed by Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds.

“People are becoming more aware of the benefits of mobile ticketing,” says Corethree CEO Ashley Murdoch.

“As smart cities across the country become a reality, it’s not just about getting passengers from A to B, but improving the value of their journey before embarking at A and after disembarking at B.

 “With ticket sales growing at a spectacular 2,000% rate from 2015 to 2019, we expect mobile tickets will become the default way for people to move, offering a fresher and more meaningful experience that goes beyond catching a bus.”