A message from routeone

At routeone, we are aware of the pain and strife that the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is causing readers, whether they are operators, on the supply side of the industry or within local authorities.

routeone remains committed to providing the best news coverage as the current situation continues to develop.

We retain a team of journalists for this purpose, but for the remaining duration of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic we will be moving to a digital-only platform.

Doing that will allow us to continue to deliver content promptly. It will also position us well to return to normal print production rapidly once the crisis is over.

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly. It reflects the total stop that has come to many parts of the coach and bus industry as it faces challenges of previously unimaginable proportions.

But by using both the will to succeed and the desire to surmount obstacles that have long been its hallmarks, the sector will get through this crisis. It will pass. When it does, the industry will return to doing what it does best: Providing effective, efficient and high-quality transport to tens of millions of customers every day.

Those people will once again come to rely on coaches and buses as part of their daily lives.

For those who pay for the print edition, we will be in touch in due course to adjust your subscription to ensure that you receive the full value of your purchase.

routeone, and the wider team at Diversified Communications UK, wishes you, your families and your colleagues all the best. We look forward to being back with you in print format very soon.

Tim Deakin
Editor, routeone