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As a company within the Volvo Group, Volvo Bus understands that climate change, congested cities, hazardous roads and working conditions call for future transportation technology and systems solutions that are safer, cleaner and more efficient.

The new BZL Electric is therefore an important next step in delivering a safer, fossil free and more productive passenger transport solution for towns and cities in the British Isles.


The Volvo BZL Electric is based on proven and successful technologies already implemented in Europe. All the chassis and driveline components have been developed, extensively tested and manufactured by Volvo.

Volvo Bus has two decades of experience in developing electromobility solutions and the BZL Electric continues this evolution as a new platform for both single and double deck applications.

Featuring a 200kW low-loss electric motor, it delivers impressive torque and driveability for safe operation, as well as in demanding uphill conditions. The automated gearbox increases wheel torque at low speeds to reduce driveline wear. The Volvo BZL Electric is an extremely efficient chassis design with flexibility in energy storage size, thus supporting optimised operation.

The Volvo BZL Electric is designed for charging flexibility, using hardware interfaces for both CCS charging in the depot, with functionality that can be set up for OppCharge high-power charging on route as well.

“Volvo takes full responsibility for function and quality, that’s why the company partners with the best bodybuilders, safeguarding the premium qualities of the vehicles,” says Phil Owen, Sales Director at Volvo Bus UK and Ireland.

“We always work really closely with our customers and partners to tailor our electromobility solutions to each individual area. The BZL is flexible, and it has longevity. By developing a product around that insight and focussing on quality, we can ensure the long-term reliability and efficiency of our products and services.”


When it comes to safety, the new chassis platform meets the highest European standards for safe operation and driving.

The BZL Electric has increased damage protection with all-new rear and side ESS (Energy Storage System) protection, along with a new front structure. Further to these enhancements, there is an integrated front-end frame providing crash protection and efficient impact energy dissipation, for the benefit of the driver and passengers in the event of a collision.

The driver’s cab has increased visibility, with the assault door pillar carefully positioned to always ensure maximum driving sight lines.

The chassis offers outstanding bodybuilding, high quality suspension and driveline, with dynamic braking to help the driver stay in control and avoid accidents.

Volvo’s latest connected technology offer, Volvo Connect is also a feature compatible with the Volvo BZL Electric. With Volvo’s Zone Management, the operator can create safety zones where the maximum speed is limited, for instance outside schools. The newest e-mobility offer also gives instant driver feedback. on driving style and suggestions for improvements.

Volvo’s digital offering can also keep the customer safe from a cybersecurity perspective. Web-based user interfaces and connectivity call for the highest standards of protection against cybercrime. Volvo designs its connected services to minimise exposure and eliminate possibilities to access the systems without authorisation.

“Safety has always been at the heart of every vehicle we’ve developed and with the BZL Electric we have pushed the boundaries even further, particularly in relation to the crash protection system,” says Phil.

Environmental care

The new Volvo BZL Electric delivers a clean, silent and energy-efficient electric bus system. Developments include a new heating and ventilation system with a CO2 heat pump with a coefficient of performance ratio of 1:4.

While lower emissions and CO2 reduction is essential, Volvo has a much wider scope.

The lifecycle of products and materials sourced are carefully considered, ensuring that these aspects of the vehicles meet the highest environmental standards.

The new Volvo BZL Electric has been specifically developed to be over 95 per cent recyclable and 97 per cent recoverable, to ensure that circularity and reduction in waste.

Volvo Bus has also committed to installing charging points at all its dealerships throughout the UK and Ireland as part of its wider commitment to provide enhanced service, training and support to bus operators.

Shaping the future of transportation

“The long established and ever more relevant Volvo core values of quality, safety and environmental care are at the heart of shaping a safer, cleaner and more efficient transport in the future. They are woven into every aspect of the new Volvo BZL Electric,” says Phil.

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