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March 18 2019
By Jessica Barton

Jessica writes for routeone, Group Tourism & Travel, and is the Editor of Coach Drivers Club News

Brilliant bus design gets the vote
for university bus route

An eye-catching new bus designed to promote positivity on Brighton & Hove Buses’ university route 25 will be unveiled at Sussex University today (20 March).

Around 700 Sussex University students voted on two designs by local artist Lois O’Hara, who is known for using bold colours and wavy patterns to help people feel energised and improve well-being, in a project commissioned by Brighton & Hove Buses. 

The artist’s distinctive wave design in pink, blue and orange was the winner.

Lois approached the operator because she wanted a large canvas on which to promote positive mental health, a theme which often comes up in her work.

Brighton & Hove Buses’ Managing Director, Martin Harris, says: “I hope this exciting project will get people talking to each other on the way to university, whether that’s on the bus or elsewhere, and help connect people who are struggling to local support services.”  

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