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August 29 2018
By The routeone team

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‘Arriva will lose face’

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Neil Beasley on his comments about Arriva Leicester and their ‘fibs’ [routeone/Opinion/15 August].

It is not just in Leicester that Arriva seems unable to organise its business. Arriva Southern Counties has similar problems.

It seems that the marketing people get funding for new upgraded services – new vehicles, new Sapphire liveries, route branding, updated publicity – but the operational/engineering side of the business is not given the resources to actually carry it out. 

Management at all levels, including the very top, has to be on side for route branding to work. 

I am sure Reading Buses and Trentbarton will confirm it is more expensive to do it properly.   

There have to be enough branded vehicles and spares to actually operate the schedule, there has to be a commitment from engineering to ensure enough vehicles are ready for the road, and there has to be enough finance available to do this. 

In my opinion this is where it falls down with large operators. 

The ‘money men’ do not like providing the funding to each depot to ensure route branding will work. It is cheaper to allow any vehicle on any route rather than do the job properly.  

Arriva does seem to be inherently incapable of reaching the standards of the best in the industry.

I am afraid that Arriva will continue to lose face with its Sapphire branding unless commitment is given at all levels.

Roland Graves, Vigo, Kent

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