10.8m Barbi Galileo version ‘is most popular’


The 10.8m version of the Barbi Galileo HD, built on MAN RR2 chassis and imported to the UK by BASE Coach Sales, is proving itself the most popular variant in a range that extends from 10.3m two-axle to 13.8m tri-axle configurations.

BASE exhibited a 10.8m Galileo HD at Euro Bus Expo 2016 for long-standing customer Anthony’s Travel. It seats 37, although the maximum possible is 45, or 47 without a toilet.

BASE General Manager Nick Dodgson says that he and Anthony’s Managing Partner Richard Bamber enjoy an excellent relationship and that the operator has recently committed to its third Galileo HD, which will be to sports team layout.

“We are yet to see two Galileo HDs the same; they are all built to the customer’s order in Italy,” says Mr Dodgson.

“The coach for Anthony’s Travel will be the first team specification example and will seat 32.”