Richmond’s Coaches has three Euro 6 Solos delivered

Royston, Herts-based Richmond’s Coaches has taken delivery of three Solos, supplied by Optare (01977 687200). The 9.2m, Euro 6 buses seat up to 30 and will operate a number of routes on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council.

Says MD Andrew Richmond: “As part of our service to the local community, we always look for the most environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient ways to transport our passengers, and the Solo with the latest Euro 6 engine meets our requirements perfectly.

“We currently have six Solos in the fleet, including the three new ones. We bought our first Solo in 2000 and have always purchased them new.

“Our experience has been excellent, with Optare providing great back-up, and we have had great feedback from drivers and passengers. Should we need another bus, a Solo would be our choice.”