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    The Transport Benevolent Fund (TBF) was founded in 1923 by the predecessors of Transport for London (TfL) to relieve cases of necessity among its members and to meet their needs for convalescence or surgical equipment. The needs of staff today take a very different form, but there is still need, hardship and distress among those who work in the public transport industry (or are retired from it) and TBF is still there to help when things are not going so well.

    TBF members all work in the public transport industry, but membership is no longer restricted to those employed by what is now TfL. There are now TBF members in all parts of England, Scotland and Wales, with organisers encouraging those not yet in membership to join.

    Members contribute £1 a week to TBF (this has not increased since 1994). All benefits are available not only to the member but also to their partner and dependent children. Where staff have contributed for long enough, they gain free membership in retirement.

    There is a wide range of benefits offered by TBF, which include:

    Cash Grants
    Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPCs)
    Medical Consultations, Scans and Tests
    Medical Equipment
    Convalescence and Recuperation
    Welfare and Debt Counselling
    Legal Advice
    Bereavement Grants

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    14 Gower's Walk, Greater London, England E1 8PY
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