Monday, December 5, 2022

Aura Air


The Aura Air system is unique in the market, in that it has three disinfection processes in place, not just the traditional UV-C light, but also a copper impregnated Medical grade Class 13 HEPA filter and the patented Sterionizer.

For passenger peace of mind, the system also includes an App allowing real-time monitoring of air quality on every Coach. In particular, it has Pm2.5 and Pm10 particulate sensors that monitor the filter’s ability to absorb fine aerosol droplets if someone sneezes or coughs on-board.

In terms of air purification speed, the filter is actually powerful enough to completely refresh the air of the entire cabin over five times every hour – almost up to the clinical room level recommendations of “6 x air changes per hour (ACH).”

Aura Air’s HEPA Class H13 unit filters 25m2 (60m3) of air, down to 0.18 microns, six times every hour – that’s a CADR of 206CFM (350m3/hour) better than many, much larger, floor standing units. As well as housing a range of sensors viewable by a simple App, the unit incorporates a Smoke and a Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

The Aura Air Filter system also accurately measures and displays VOC, Humidity, CO and CO2 levels from its high-precision integrated sensors – all displayed in an easy to read manner on the App.

For larger installations requiring monitoring of multiple Aura Air units, the “Dashboard” capability allows easy display on PCs or TV Monitors for instance in a Reception or the Control Centre.

To read the full COVID-19 & Aura Air Coach Filter Whitepaper, click here.

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