Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Push To Talk Radios


Smart solutions to connect, collaborate and stay safe. We provide solutions to bring workforces together, keep people safe and solve operational business problems. Connect teams instantly and collaborate with groups of any size, anywhere. Know where your people are and monitor their safety with Push To Talk Radios.

Following a career in public transport operations, we spotted a gap in the market to improve base-to-vehicle communications across the United Kingdom and Europe. We know it’s important to have reliable, fast radio communications between your teams, and Push To Talk Radio offers a feature-rich solution to help improve operational efficiency and drivers and base.

Our solution also includes live vehicle tracking, personnel safety options (including the ability to live stream a video from a vehicle during an emergency) as well as instant, reliable group or private communications. Users can talk to drivers from the other end of the country, or even across Europe. We offer a limitless communication solution for local bus services, private hire or touring coach operators.

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