Allison’s xFE range promises up to 8% fuel saving

Allison’s xFE range reduces fuel consumption by around 8%, it says

Allison’s xFE gearbox range was launched in the Optare Metrocity at EBE, and the manufacturer says that up to an 8% increase in fuel efficiency is possible over its earlier transmissions.

The xFE has already been fitted to an Alexander Dennis Enviro200, and Allison points to the new gearbox’s ability to engage the lockup clutch in first gear – rather than the second ratio – as key to efficiency gains.

Allison also confirms that it will bring engine stop-start compatibility to its range in the future.

“We know how to do it and we are working on a design for it, but stop-start will definitely come to Allison’s bus transmissions,” says Marketing Director Europe, Middle East and Asia Manlio Alvaro.