No limit ZF stop-start tech to debut in early 2017

Manufacturer’s development is complete; in-vehicle testing now well underway with OEMs, it says

First EcoLife gearboxes with stop-start compatibility are due in Q1 2017

ZF has confirmed that stop-start technology will begin rollout on its EcoLife automatic gearbox range early in 2017.

“The concept is here and ready now, and it is currently undergoing testing and validation work with vehicle OEMs,” says OE Account Manager Commercial Vehicle Nigel Marson. “We expect it to come to market in Q1 2017.”

Mr Marson adds that ZF’s stop-start functionality is ‘no limit’. “There are no limitations to the length of time that the engine can be shut down for, and no limit to the number of off-on cycles per hour.”

When the engine is off for up to a minute, a stop-start EcoLife takes around half a second to reselect first gear.

For engine off periods above that, reselection takes one second. Stop-start will initially be available on gearboxes with an input torque limit of 1,600Nm.

Owing to alterations inside the gearbox, principally to the torque convertor, stop-start is available only on new units and is not retrofit capable. There is no impact on gearbox life between overhauls, says Mr Marson.