Croner-i webinar: Managing Return to Work, anytime prerecording

A helping hand with supporting your employees during Covid-19

This webinar will help you with managing return to work and navigating your way through the recovery phase of COVID-19.
Whether you have staff working from home, on furlough or returning to work, you’ll find the answers to common business queries by registering today.
From handling staff engagement throughout your remote workforce, to dealing with disparagement amongst furloughed staff, plus how to ensure your workplace is COVID-19 secure, and how to handle the raising anxiety levels of staff returning to work.
Watch this pre-recorded webinar with Employment Law expert, Amanda Chadwick, to get best practice guidance and support.
What you’ll learn…
The webinar includes:
  • The latest COVID-19 governmental updates and guidelines,
  • How to keep employees working from home engaged and focused, promote mental health and wellbeing, and aid good communication,
  • How to keep furloughed employees engaged, how to check on their wellbeing, and different options you can provide whilst on furlough,
  • How to manage the return to work, from making your workplace COVID-19 secure to how you treat SSP, managing shielding employees, and how to help staff feel at ease.
Who is it for?

Whether you’re a Director, a business owner, a HR manager, or just someone that needs a helping hand with managing your staff through COVID-19, we think you’ll find this webinar useful.

Registration: Click here to sign up and access the pre-recorded webinar

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