Driver pay rates at ‘upper end’ of scale

Perceptions that drivers’ pay is at the lower end of the scale appear could be due for a re-think after a survey of 370 operators across the UK showed that nearly half pay more than £10.20 an hour.

The survey, organised by routeONE, asked operators “how much do you pay your drivers per hour.” It found that 39% said £10.20 or more, and a further 21% in the £9.20-£10.19 range.

The flip side is that 40% of operators admit to paying nearer to National Minimum Wage limits, with 6% paying up to £7.19. A further 10% of those surveyed said £7.20-£8.19, with nearly a quarter (24%) saying £8.20-£9.19.

It is widely known that rates vary according to regions and the type of work and this survey did not attempt to drill into that level of detail, but further work is planned.

While the headline hourly rate does vary, some operators have paid meal breaks or non-driving period (especially in touring/day trip coaching). This is an aspect that future surveys will examine.