Stertil Koni supplies wirlesss lifts to DAF dealership

Stertil Koni has supplied a DAF dealership with a set of wireless mobile column lifts to speed up inspections at the company's Leicester depot.

As one of the largest DAF dealership groups in the UK, the company operates 10 dealerships strategically located across the East Midlands and East Anglia.

At the company's Leicester depot, a set of Stertil Koni ST1085FWA wireless mobile column lifts is used to increase productivity.

The ST1085FWA lift is rated at 8,500kg which means that each set of four columns offers a total lifting capacity of 34,000kg to ensure safe handling.

Also, if an increased lifting capacity is required, this can be achieved simply by adding extra columns.

The lifts' microprocessor controlled lifting system, combined with Stertil Koni's unique hydraulic synchronisation system, ensures extremely smooth lifting and lowering. Operating speeds are also impressive with the lifts reaching the full height of 1850mm in just 94 seconds

Each of the mobile columns is equipped with two long-life deep cycle batteries which, when fully charged, will power the fully-laden column for more than 30 lifting cycles – a full week's use.

Battery life is prolonged due to the fact that, unlike a screw-lift, power is only used to raise the vehicle therefore less time is spent recharging the lift which is carried out via a 230v single phase supply.

Positioning of the wireless columns is flexible: they can be used in any configuration around a vehicle. Also, with no power or communication cables to connect, set-up time is drastically reduced thereby making the system fully operational much more quickly. Each column incorporates its own eBright full-colour, touch-screen control panel which allows simple synchronised operation from any column.

The columns incorporate Stertil's maintenance-free, synthetic runner wheel system, which is self-lubricating, and the system is covered by a lifetime guarantee. Importantly, with no cables on the workshop floor, the risk of tripping is removed thereby providing valuable health and safety benefits.