LDV EV80 electric minibus: Six year finance


LDV is offering a six-year finance package on its battery-electric EV80.

The EV80 is available in minibus format, both in complete form and via third-party converters.

Dealership LDV UK and Ireland provides a five-year/60,000 mile warranty along with five years’ roadside assistance.

Nottingham City Council was among the first buyers of the LDV EV80 for use in minibus form. It took a batch from Courtside Conversions. Their success has led NCC to order 11 further EV80s in tipper format, says Assistant Manager (Fleet) Andrew Smith.

“The EV80 minibuses have already impressed our drivers with smooth power delivery. That delivers a quieter ride for passengers and drivers, making the job of negotiating busy urban areas easier.”