Dublin Buses wins in damages case after passenger fall

Dublin Bus has successfully defended a €38,000 damages claim in the Circuit Civil Court.

Michael Brady, 41, sued Dublin Bus for negligence. He claimed he fell after a plastic bottle got ‘trapped’ under his right foot, while the bus had been travelling at speed, as he was descending the stairway in August 2012. In the fall Mr Brady broke two teeth and injured his right ankle. .

Circuit Court President Justice Raymond Groarke found Dublin Bus had not been negligent and dismissed Mr Brady’s claim.

Mr Brady said he heard a “crunching sound” under his foot when he got up from his seat, but it was only when he started descending the stairs he noticed and tried to remove a plastic bottle stuck under his foot.

He claimed the bus was driven fast as it turned around a corner, causing him to lose his balance and fall down the stairs, hitting his head. He temporarily lost consciousness.

Dismissing the claim, Judge Groarke said Mr Brady suffered nasty injuries, but CCTV evidence showed that passengers seemed comfortably seated in the bus at the time of Mr Brady’s fall.

This suggested that the bus was not travelling at speed, and the Judge added that the bus did not appear to have been “scattered with litter.”