Highways Agency plans tailgating enforcement

The Highways Agency (HA) is to start trials of equipment that can automatically detect the offence of tailgating.

It comes in the wake of reforms introduced last year by the government to make careless driving – including tailgating – a fixed penalty offence, rather than having to be prosecuted through the courts.

The police can issue a 100 fixed penalty fine and three penalty points, or offer remedial training, as for speeding.

The HA has placed a 79,000 contract to consultants Arup and URS to advise on ‘close following enforcement’. The project will “test equipment that could be used to warn drivers of their behaviour and used for enforcement.” In the Netherlands, cameras on gantries are used to enforce tailgating.

The HA has not defined tailgating, but it is expected to be tighter than the ‘two-second’ rule.