Irizar Group ends 2015 with 30% growth at Spanish plant

Announcing its results, Irizar Group confirms that it ended 2015 by exceeding €550m turnover and saw 30% growth in its Spanish plant, leading to job creation.

Growth is forecast in all the Group’s companies and 2016 will see the addition of Irizar e-mobility, a new company whose plant and prototypes of all its new products and systems will be completed by the end of 2016.

With a focus on electromobility in cities, Irizar e-mobility is a key part of the Group’s strategic commitment to sustainability, which includes reducing noise pollution, achieving low fuel consumption and zero-emission vehicles.

It is investing €75m in the construction of Irizar e-mobility’s plant in Aduna, roughly halfway between its current Ormaiztegi plant and San Sebastian.

On a 37,000m² plot, the 18,000m² plant is scheduled for completion by the end of 2016. It will produce electric buses and vehicles, as well as their main components and systems. The aim is to offer “integral and comprehensive solutions” for cities.

Irizar’s 100% electric i2e bus, the first result of this project, is already operating in London, Barcelona, Paris and Marseille.

Irizar in Spain grew by 30% in 2015, thanks to its operations in Europe (integral coaches) and Spain (bodies on chassis). It also began to build integral coaches for the US market.

Irizar’s market share in Spain is over 40% and the market has grown by 30% compared with 2014.

As a result of this growth, Irizar has taken on 142 people in the last two years, increasing the workforce by 20%.

Of these, 99 have higher-level vocational training profiles and 43 are Masters graduates, specifically hired to increase Irizar’s technological capability and ability to carry out R&D.

Irizar’s Spanish HQ plant accounts for 46% of turnover, with the rest split between its plants in Brazil, Mexico and Morocco and other companies.