Wheelchair lift option for Scania Touring coach

The first wheelchair-accessible Touring will go to Moving People

Scania has announced that it is to offer a wheelchair-accessible variant of its Touring coach.

The lift, made by D’Hollandia, will be mounted over the nearside drive wheels and behind a hinged panel that is part of the wheelarch. It is fitted on the production line in China, where the Touring is bodied by Higer, and as a result of changes to the structure, cannot  be retrofitted to coaches once they have arrived in Europe.

There is no limit to the amount of tracking that can be installed, but fully-tracked coaches would require an aisle bridging plate at the front and a flat floor at the rear. Wheelchair lifts can be installed in both two- and three-axle Tourings.

The first such Touring is a three-axle variant which will be supplied to Moving People of Accrington, and is expected to arrive in the UK within the next few weeks, says Regional Account Manager Jamie MacIntosh. Moving People has recently taken its first Touring, a late-model used example.