Unwin unveils Seat Locker securing device

Seat Locker is easy to use, and is also ‘discreet and rattle free’, says Unwin

Unwin has unveiled its new Seat Locker, a device that secures seat legs into vehicle tracking that is engineered to be “discreet and rattle free,” says the manufacturer.

It has a built-in wheel at the back that makes moving seats around easy, speeding changes to cabin layout. A self-locating mechanism ensures that finding the right location within the tracking is simple.

The Seat Locker fits into any tracking rail currently on the market with scallops at one inch centre-to-centre and it functions with seats from all manufacturers.

No adjustments are required when locating the Seat Locker into the tracking rail thanks to the design of the new lockable and Unwin’s patented clamping system that allows easy actuation of the locker in the rail.

The new product has been tested in Unwin’s own laboratory and it meets M1 and M2 vehicle requirements. It is available in two colours: Black and grey.