Better journeys begin as Dart Charge starts

The road to better journeys at the Dartford Crossing – one of the UK’s busiest transport crossings – began last weekend with the launch of Dart Charge, and the scrapping of toll booths.

Dart Charge is a new way to pay the Dartford Crossing toll, removing the need for drivers to stop at a barrier. Instead, drivers now pay online, by phone or post or at PayZone outlets nationwide. Payment can be made in advance or by midnight the day after crossing.

An intensive weekend of roadworks saw the final cash payment at the crossing and the beginning of work to remove the payment booths. Dart Charge launched at 0600hrs on Sunday 30 November as planned.

The northbound barriers will remain in place, but open automatically when a vehicle stops, until the Highways Agency works out a method of how to control traffic flow into the tunnels.

Early issues with the website have now been largely resolved, with people able to register up to 20 vehicles online for automatic payments.

Highways Agency project director Nigel Gray says: “Dart Charge will change journeys at the Dartford Crossing for the better. It will speed up journeys and ease congestion, generating big returns for the economy.

“It gives drivers more flexibility about how and when they pay the Crossing Charge. And it is helping more people than ever save up to a third on every crossing by setting up a pre-pay account with us – as more than 200,000 people already have.”