Boardroom ructions amid tension at Lothian Buses

Mystery is deepening around a rift between directors at municipal Lothian Buses, which has seen CEO Ian Craig absent from the business for the last seven weeks.

It comes after formal grievances were lodged against him by Operations Director Bill Campbell, Engineering Director Bill Devlin and Finance Director Norman Strachan over his management style.

Despite a number of high-profile news stories in local newspapers, the council-owned firm remains tightlipped about the matter. It is the third council-owned bus company to suffer recent boardroom issues.

In a statement, Lothian Buses Chair Ann Faulds says: “Following a number of concerns raised with me, an investigation has been conducted into the way in which the company has been managed and led.

“In achieving this balance certain difficulties and tensions have emerged at management level. These concerns are being addressed and arrangements are in place to discuss a solution which is in the best interests of Lothian Buses.”