Cameras to replace wing mirrors on London buses

Cameras have replaced the wing mirrors of a London bus for the first time.

21st Century is behind the SmartVision Camera Monitoring System (CMS) recently added to a Transport for London (TfL) Metroline ADL.

The cameras remove blind spots and glare while offering better night and wet weather vision. Their smaller size also improves fuel efficiency and reduces the risk of collision. Heaters keep the lenses clear of ice, snow and fog.

“Removal of exterior mirrors has been an aspiration of Metroline for several years,” says DelGro Group Engineering Director Ian Foster. “The system has exceeded our expectations. While it is only approved on new build vehicles at this time, I fully expect retrofit versions in the near future.”

CEO of 21st Century, Russ Singleton, adds: “It is an important step to eliminate death and serious injury involving buses. By 2021, CMS will be compulsory on all TfL vehicles, but operators like Metroline is taking steps now to make its vehicles safer for passengers, the public and drivers alike.”