Coach Manager Integrates with LicenceCheck

Distinctive Systems has integrated its Coach Manager private hire and contract booking system with online licence checking provider, LicenceCheck.  

Coach Manager users previously relied on a manual, paper-based document check but, with the abolition of the paper counterpart, operators need a new approach to ensure legal compliance and reduction of risk for corporate liability in the event of an accident.

This major enhancement offers operators the ability to store and retrieve full driver’s licence details directly into Coach Manager including contact details, category information, restriction codes, current endorsements and whether their licence or vocational entitlement is currently valid or has expired.  

Operators can elect to manually retrieve the licence details for an individual or group of individuals, or have Coach Manager automatically retrieve licence information on regular basis using a sophisticated scheduling system.

This update also sees further improvements made to the existing driver licence warning checks within the allocations and scheduling screens, to ensure operations teams are not allocating a driver to a vehicle they are not entitled to drive.

Distinctive Systems’ Development Director Paul McJannett says: “The system can also be configured to warn users if a driver’s penalty points are over a certain threshold.

“We’re delighted to offer our customers the most comprehensive licence checks on the market today, which complements the need to secure passengers’ safety above all else.”

LicenceCheck MD Richard Brown says: “Risk assessment and profiling should always be at the forefront of a Duty of Care policy for any company.

“Distinctive Systems wanted a full, source record licence check that revealed any flaws or convictions for the driver on a real-time basis, thus reducing risk.

“LicenceCheck is able to integrate a real-time check that exposes any misdemeanours on the part of a driver, ensuring that only properly qualified and trustworthy drivers are used by Coach Manager’s clients.”