Corethree and First Group trial new mobile ticketing solution

The ITSO-compatible mobile ticketing solution for Android phones will soon be on offer

Corethree and First Group have teamed up with ITSO Transit Hub, Google Pay and Ticketer to deliver Near Field Communication (NFC) ITSO-on-mobile ticketing with Google Pay. The solution is currently being trialled under a pilot scheme.

Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology allows for the digitisation of tickets and smart cards into the customer’s Android phone and conveyance via NFC. The joint venture will allow First Bus passenger tickets to be validated by ITSO Transit Hub’s cloud-based ticketing fulfilment service and then stored in Google Pay, allowing passengers to validate their journey by tapping on NFC-compatible readers or ticket gates.

Dave Lynch, CIO, First Group says: “We look forward to working closely with our long-term partner Corethree, ITSO Transit Hub, the Google team and Ticketer to conduct a successful pilot and bring the offering to the masses”.

The soon-to-be trialled solution intends to remove the barriers towards frictionless travel for First Group’s 1.6 million passengers. Instantly validating a digital ticket should reduce queues and ensure department times are met.

Steve Wakeland, ITSO Transit Hub Director, says: “This pilot is a reflection of customers demanding a seamless, fully integrated solution that aligns with their habit of using a smartphone to pay for any other goods and services.”

Ashley Murdoch, CEO and Founder of Corethree adds “With smart digital cards showing no signs of abating and the appetite for customers to rely on their smartphones for virtually any aspect of their daily lives, we expect this solution to grow in demand.”