Dart Charge moves to next phase

The Highways Agency has launched a 1.1m advertising campaign to tell operators and drivers about the changes at the Dartford Crossing – which start at 0600hrs on Sunday 30 November – and what they need to do.

The last cash payment will be taken at the crossing at 2200hrs on Saturday 29 November.

At the same time, the charges for using the crossing will rise, but it will remain free between 2200-0600hrs daily.

It comes as the new online payment arrangements – known as Dart Charge – were finally made live, after already being delayed by over a month.

Dart Charge will help reduce congestion and ease traffic flow as drivers will no longer stop to pay at the barriers.

Payment can be made online, by phone, by post or at one of thousands of payzone retail outlets.

Says Highways Agency Project Manager, Nigel Gray: “I would advise anyone who uses the Crossing, whether regularly or not, to make sure they are ready.”

Posters will be displayed at several locations, including the motorway service areas, and radio adverts across the East and South East England.

A pre-pay account is the cheapest and easiest way to pay the crossing charge via www.gov.uk/dart-charge.

The Highways Agency will be contacting existing DART-Tag customers to explain how to transfer to a new Dart Charge account and continue to get discounts on crossings.