D&G route takeover from BakerBus is confirmed

The Traffic Commissioner has approved the transfer of bus services run under the BakerBus brand to D&G Bus, to take place on Sunday (11 January).

It follows the announcement late last year that Crewe-based Rolling Solutions, trading as D&G Bus, was to take over 17 routes and 25 staff, along with the purchase of a number of busesfrom BakerBus, one of a number of operators whose parent is Barbados-based Island Fortitude.

The three hybrid Volvo B5RLH/Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2 hybrids that entered service in October 2011 were not included in the deal, and have been retained for use on a private school contact.

Also, a number of other vehicles, including four Solos, are for sale, with Kinglong Direct’s Ray McNally listed as the contact.

Says Bakers Coaches Sales and Marketing Manager Stephanie Dean: “The acquisition allows both companies to concentrate on driving forward their key business into 2015.

“We are extremely pleased that within this deal we have been able to safeguard the jobs and working conditions of our driving staff.

“This streamlining will allow Bakers Coaches to continue the development and investment in new coaching fleet in order to strengthen the core business. Looking ahead, 2015 will be an exciting year for Bakers Travel.

“Bakers Coaches and Bakers Holidays would like to reassure their customers that these brands are very much ‘business as usual’.”