Five reasons a smoke meter should be the next addition to your workshop


Increasingly stringent emissions regulations for combustion engines are the main reason for the drive towards high-performance emissions measurement tools.

Most vehicles have their exhaust emissions tested as part of the MoT – this is usually achieved by using a smoke meter to test the efficiency of combustion within the diesel engine and determine the level of air pollutants emitted from the exhaust.

If you’re still weighing up your options, here is a run through of some of the key reasons why a smoke meter should be your next investment.

1. It ensures proper maintenance of diesel engines

Totalkare’s smoke meter is an excellent diagnostic tool to ensure proper maintenance of diesel engines for improved fuel economy and protection of the environment. Having your vehicle’s emissions tested can offer several benefits – it can determine if your vehicle is producing or releasing pollutants, and how much into the environment.

2. It can test a range of vehicles

The smoke meter is a diagnostics tool that can test the emissions of many diesel engines in coaches and buses. The smoke meter is fully DVSA approved to Class 4, 5, and 7 PSV, HGV, RPC, SVA, LFZ and Euro VI vehicles. It is engineered to cater for all types of diesel engine vehicles and designed to cope with the rigors of demanding MoT bays. While some workshops may only repair or maintain one type of vehicle, most others will deal with a number of different sized vehicles on a daily basis – this makes the smoke meter a versatile testing tool, perfect for any workshop.

3. It saves time and money

By not having to drive to and from a test centre for an outsourced emissions test, you’ll not only save time but also fuel, which will result in reduced costs. In-house emissions testing also removes the cost of the test itself. The only outlay is the cost of the smoke meter equipment – once you have secured this, you will save time and money on an ongoing basis.

4. Tablet display makes emissions testing simple

Included with every Totalkare smoke meter is a simple to use tablet display, making testing and result interpretation straightforward, enhancing productivity levels in the workshop. Once the smoke meter head is entered into the exhaust and the accelerator has been given several pushes, the tablet gives out a reading which will tell you whether the emissions test has been a pass or fail. These results can be recalled later or printed out instantly.

5. It combines with other workshop equipment

Lots of Totalkare customers have seen value in adding headlamp and brake testing equipment alongside their smoke meter. With headlamp aim being one of the most common reasons for annual vehicle test failure (according to most recent DVSA statistics) it makes sense to undertake these tests at the same time as the brakes are being inspected. The emissions test can then be conducted to complete a full set of testing on a vehicle in minimal time.

More information can be found in Totalkare’s brochure.