Grant Palmer fixes schedule inefficiencies with Omnibus

Bus operator Grant Palmer has installed Omnibus software to help the company spot any opportunities to improve efficiencies. 

Within days, schedulers had spotted key vehicle and driver inefficiencies and were able to make immediate cost savings.

The firm, based at Flitwick near Bedford, operates 26 buses on 20 routes

The firm, based at Flitwick near Bedford, operates 26 buses on 20 routes, has installed timetable software OmniTIMES and vehicle allocation system OmniBASE.

The software also enables the Grant Palmer schedulers to make duty changes and test out new parameters at very short notice.

Grant Palmer is one of a number of operators that have turned to Omnibus during times of growth and expansion, when their usual scheduling system becomes too cumbersome.

Grant Palmer Commercial Director David Shelley, who joined the firm last September to assist in improving the customer experience and push the company’s expansion even further, says: “I had used Omnibus systems before and am also aware that local authorities use it, so it helps with standardising our systems.

“We are already looking at OmniSTOP for our roadside publicity and also OmniROTA for our driver rosters.”

The company is also using the software to monitor operational mileages for BSOG submissions. 

The software integrates with data from TransXChange and enables Grant Palmer to automatically update its real-time information system.