High satisfaction levels shown by Transport Scotland

Research commissioned by Transport Scotland shows that 95% of free concessionary bus travel cardholders are ‘very’ or ‘fairly satisfied’ with their experience of bus travel in 2014, up from 92% in 2013. Only 3% were ‘fairly dissatisfied’, while none were ‘very dissatisfied’, the rest were neutral. In total, 70% of users say the most important aspect of the scheme is to save them money, 46% say it gives them independence.

The 67-page report on the survey is from year two of a two-part survey, commissioned by Transport Scotland to monitor satisfaction levels among scheme users.

Of those who do not use the card, 58% said they still prefer to use the car (up from 33% in 2013), 35% don’t use public transport due to health or a disability (2013: 46%), while ‘there is no bus service where I live’ more than doubled from 4% in 2013 to 10% in 2014.

Transport Minister Keith Brown said: “I am encouraged by the feedback from this two year research project which shows a high level of support for the concessionary bus travel scheme and that more people are choosing to take the bus instead of the car.”

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) said: “CPT welcomes the publication of this customer feedback research on concessionary travel. It is heartening to find that users of the scheme remain overwhelmingly satisfied with it and with bus travel in general.

“The importance of the scheme to the elderly and disabled is clear to see and CPT remains committed to working with Transport Scotland to ensure that it remains sustainable for the government and the operators who provide the scheme.”

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