Ipswich Buses sees 10.8% fuel saving with AVID eFan System

Municipal operator Ipswich Buses has seen fuel savings of 10.8% on four of its Ipswich Park and Ride Optare Versas in a trial that has led it to retrofit the AVID eFan Micro Hybrid System to the rest of the Optare Versas in its fleet, and to start trials with other bus types.

The four-month testing programme with all four buses is showing significant and sustainable fuel savings.

Ipswich Buses MD Malcolm Robson says: “We have tried different and various systems to save fuel in the past with disappointing results, but the AVID eFan Micro Hybrid System is the first time we have seen such clear and irrevocable evidence that fuel consumption has been improved.

“The cost savings and environmental benefits make this system a real winner for us and we will look to roll it out to other buses in our fleet where fuel savings can be made.

“With an annual fuel bill of well over 1m, a 10.8% saving is exciting news. In addition to fuel savings we have found improved noise levels and reduced maintenance costs.”

AVID’s MD Ryan Maughan says: “We are really pleased that Ipswich Buses has decided to fit the technology to more of its buses after such a compelling pilot result.”

The company improves the reliability and efficiency of the bus cooling system, which is often difficult to maintain and consume a lot of power. AVID is the only company offering such a system, entirely designed for the bus market.