Islanders on the Isle of Wight are being urged by operator Southern Vectis to download the government’s new contact tracing app, which is designed to minimise the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

The app is part of new trial of preventative measures and will work with government contact tracing services and swab testing for those with potential coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms.

It works via users self-reporting symptoms. The app then detects other app users that may have been in significant contact with that person and alerts them anonymously. The app then provides advice, such as how to get tested.

Southern Vectis General Manager Richard Tyldsley says: “Everyone on the island now has access to the new app, and we’re throwing our full support behind it.

“We must all pull together and make this trial a success. We urge everyone who can to download this pioneering app – so the rest of the country can follow suit.

“This is our chance to help reduce the chance of the virus spreading. It’s all about taking action to protect ourselves, and the NHS.”