National Express takes five


National Express has taken delivery of five new StreetDeck Euro 6 buses, the first time the company has ordered this type of double deck vehicle from Wrightbus.

The quintet join the 1,600-strong fleet which is in the process of working its way through an investment programme that will see 600 new ADL buses delivered between 2014 and 2018 (routeONE, News, 26 March 2014).

StreetDecks join fleet committed to long-term deal with ADL: This is the first time the company has ordered this type from Wrightbus

Ian Downie, MD of Sales for Wrightbus, says: “We’re particularly excited to deliver these five new StreetDecks to National Express as they are the first vehicles of this type they have taken and we are pleased to see them enter service with their existing West Midlands fleet on routes in and around Birmingham.”

Built to meet National Express’ ‘Crimson’ specification, each bus is fully low carbon compliant, has a Daimler Euro 6 engine and a Voith 854.6 gearbox.  Also fitted is Wrightbus’ exclusive ‘Micro Hybrid’ version 2 system which adds additional energy saving benefits. 

The Micro Hybrid takes energy generated from a bus’s braking system and recycles it to power the pneumatics, hydraulic and electrical systems. Up to 10% fuel saving is claimed.

The total passenger capacity on the Streetdecks is 100, allowing for 74 seated and 26 standing.  A wheelchair alters the seating ratio to 68 and 31 respectively. Increasingly passenger comfort and convenience are top of National Express’ agenda and the new buses all feature several benefits, such as 12 camera CCTV, two dedicated monitors which indicate available seating throughout the vehicle, LED destination displays and tinted windows with anti-vandal film on all glazing.

Paul Thomas, Chief Operating Officer for National Express, says: “We particularly liked the look of the StreetDeck and believe it offers an excellent choice for us, both in terms of operational performance and passenger experience.

“We are also pleased to be working with Wrightbus again on the specification and purchase of our new buses.  As a company, they demonstrate a clear determination to develop vehicles which utilise the latest technologies and techniques, while seeking new ways of achieving operational efficiencies and enhanced environmental performance.  We’re confident the new StreetDecks will be well received by our operational team and passengers alike.”