BUSK to take petition to Schools Minister

BUSK UK, the school transport safety campaigner, has launched a petition to ensure schools are more aware of the dangers of drivers sharing rooms on tour.

The petition addresses the Education Minister and says: “We need you to make teachers and bursars aware that at point of hire, they should be asking the tour company to include as part of the written contract, that each driver will have a room of their own in a quiet area of the hotel, away from the rest of the party.”

BUSK is meeting Schools Minister Nick Gibb on 19 April to discuss the Nightcap campaign against drivers sharing rooms.

To sign the petition, visit goo.gl/wvgsu3

BUSK Director Pat Harris says: “Absolutely anyone can sign, even children.

“We are not asking for a change in the law. We want current legislation enforced and that means we are targeting tour companies that force drivers to share rooms, give drivers unsuitable rooms, tents, caravans etc. Some tour companies completely take advantage of coach companies that are unable to afford to turn work away.”

Several coach operators are backing the Nightcap campaign, including Plymouth Citycoach, which has introduced a new policy stipulating that drivers must have their own single accommodation. Additionally it no longer accepts work that involves continental driving between 0200-0500hrs unless operated by two drivers.