Prax Petroleum wins more fuel deals

Prax Petroleum has won a contract to increase its supply into more First UK Bus regions.

As a result it will now supply 27 million litres of diesel to its Hants & Dorset and East England operations.

Both will be supplied from Prax Petroleum’s recently upgraded fuel terminal in Dagenham.

Prax Petroleum says it has a “proven record for reliability of supply along with competitive pricing.”

These factors played a “major part in maintaining and securing this new business.”

This news follows contracts won in 2013 to supply 33m litres of diesel fuel to Arriva UK Bus in London and Yorkshire, from its Dagenham and Immingham terminals.

Last year it also won a contract to supply further Stagecoach operations in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, taking the annual volume supplied to the Stagecoach to 100m litres.