routeone Trader: The only place to go

routeone Trader has given operators a convenient and cost-effective way to buy and sell vehicles for a decade. But now, the new website makes it easier than ever before to find the vehicle you want, along with other coach and bus products. Jessamy Chapman reports.

routeone’s successful online Trader offering has been given an upgrade.

The popular vehicle sales facility has been completely redesigned so that not only does it match the look of the site, which was relaunched last year, but it’s also much easier and faster for operators to search for vehicles for sale.

And this time, it’s not just vehicles. The new site also encompasses a new-look version of ‘routeone Contacts’ – now known as Trader Directory, falling in line with the Trader Vehicles brand. In short, has become ‘the place to go’ for coach and bus operators.


Buying and selling

The new website is accessible via the familiar URL, or via a tab on the routeone website for ‘Vehicles/Directory’.

Trader Vehicles, partnered by Volvo, has new up-to-date branding and has been made much easier and faster to use.

Users can search for vehicles in two ways – via ‘complete vehicle’ (for integrals only), or via the make, model and body.

These can then be refined using a number of categories: Distance from location, seat capacity, year, price or dealer.

You can search with just one of these categories – or with all of them; there are no mandatory fields.

Unlike the old website, making a selection for each category will not refresh the page, which makes it much faster to complete your search.

The search results are displayed below the category fields.

Clicking on a result will bring up a box with more photos of the vehicle if available, all the vehicle’s details, and the contact details for the seller.

By clicking on the phone number or email address, the user can automatically dial the number from their phone or compose an email.

The whole process takes much less time than on the previous version of the website and is a slicker experience.

And if you’re a member of Trader, the benefits are even better.

Every vehicle advertised by an operator that appears in the magazine’s Trader section is uploaded to the site, on Wednesday every week, ensuring that no operator’s vehicle is out of date, and that the vehicles advertised are as up to date as possible.

“The primary reason for revamping the site has been to make it faster and easier for buyers to find vehicles for sale,” says Steve Black, Senior Sales Executive at routeone.

“It’s designed to make the search much easier for users to find the vehicle they want.

“It’s also about future-proofing it with new technology, giving us greater ability for our Trader members to sell their vehicles.”


Need anything?

The other half of the new website is Trader Directory, partnered by the Transport Benevolent Fund, and it’s where operators can find any product or service they might need for their business, from vehicle lifts to ticketing; from fuel hedging to legal advice.

It’s what used to be known as routeone Contacts: The evolution of the ‘yellow pages’ for coach and bus operators has gone from book, to app, and now to fully mobile-optimised website. It means that whatever device you’re using, wherever you are, the valuable contacts directory is always to hand, fully searchable, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone: It will always work.

To find a supplier, all the user needs to do is select in the ‘Products’ field the type of product they’re looking for, and the list of suppliers will be displayed; as with Trader Vehicles, the list of results can be sorted.

Better still, if you need to get hold of your usual supplier but don’t have their number to hand, you can search for their company name in Trader Directory – the results will start to show as soon as you start typing – and as with Trader Vehicles, clicking on the search result you want will bring up their details, and you can contact them in just one click.

As well as the entire industry database of suppliers to the coach and bus industry, Trader Directory has the details of a host of other useful contacts, including Traffic Commissioners, associations and trade bodies, local authorities, government bodies, passenger transport executives, integrated transport authorities, and transport co-ordination offices. They can be found under the ‘Sectors’ field of the search facility. And its incorporation into the Trader website makes it even more convenient to operators: Everything is in one place.

“If you need to buy anything, from a set of tyres to a complete vehicle; if you need legal advice or to speak to the Traffic Commissioner; it’s all there in one place, next to all the news and features of routeone,” says Steve.

“It’s a complete one-stop directory for coach and bus operators.”


‘No need to go elsewhere’

‘routeone Trader’ used to apply to the vehicles bought and sold in the magazine, but the consolidation of the brand means that a coach or bus operator can turn to routeone Trader for anything they might need to buy.

The online ‘Trader Directory’ and ‘Trader Vehicles’ monikers are joined by ‘Trader Suppliers’, the new name for the Classified section of the magazine.

“It’s about making it easier for our readers,” says Steve Black. “If an operator wants to buy anything, it’s all under the Trader brand. It’s simplified across the print magazine and the website.”

The new branding is also simplified with the use of colour: The main routeone site is red, Trader Vehicles is blue and Trader Directory is purple.

The new website also links neatly to the main routeone website, with a similar look and feel, and easy navigation between the two sites. For example, the ‘Deliveries’ and ‘Test Drives’ tabs on link back to stories on, but allow potential buyers to search for reports on vehicles before buying them.

“It’s got every kind of information a coach or bus operator might need to run a business in this sector,” says Steve. “Whether it’s a part, a service or a vehicle you need to buy, if you add this website to your favourites, you won’t ever need to go anywhere else.”

The new website means that routeone’s online offering is more useful to operators than ever before. Take a look today; we’re sure you’ll find it indispensable.