Seven-month extension for photocard licence renewals

Photocard driving licences that require renewal between 1 February and 31 August will be automatically granted an extension period of seven months from the date of expiry, DVLA has announced.

Where a photocard licence expires within the time stated, the driver do not need to take any action to obtain the seven-months extension. It will be added automatically. DVLA will send a renewal reminder before that period ends.

As the relaxation applies only to the photocard renewal date, it does not capture instances where a driver’s entitlement to drive is due to expire. In those cases, licences must be renewed in the usual manner.

Online applications to renew a photocard driving licence that have already been submitted will be processed as normal. If a paper renewal application has been sent, DVLA warns that “there will be delays in processing,” but the seven-month extension will apply in the meantime.

Adds DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard: “This extension will make things easier for drivers who need to update their photocard licence with a new photograph.

“The extension is automatic, so drivers do not need to do anything. They will be sent a reminder to renew their photocard before the extension ends.”

In April, DVLA made temporary provision for those drivers aged 45 and over whose vocational licences expire to renew them without undergoing a D4 medical.