Tax on the spot possible

Further detail has emerged about the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) changes that will see paper tax discs for Road Fund Licence abolished from 1 October.

One of the key changes is that the licence period will no longer be transferable. When a seller notifies the DVLA of a sale, the unexpired portion of the tax (in complete months only) will be refunded.

The buyer will need to register the vehicle, and also has to pay for all the current month – meaning that the DVLA is effectively ‘paid twice’ for the same month, if a vehicle is sold with tax available.

The DVLA says not being able to transfer the tax is to protect the buyer who would not know whether the seller was telling the truth if they said that the vehicle had tax remaining on it, despite a new online system that will allow anybody to check whether a vehicle is taxed and has a current MOT.

For people who go to view a vehicle and decide to buy it, it will be possible to go online, or phone the DVLA (during office hours), to tax it before driving away.