Yutong Bus hits 60,000 in 2014

China-based Yutong Bus confirmed its position as the world’s largest coach and bus manufacturer, by building 60,000 vehicles in 2014, with the landmark bus coming off the line on 26 December.

This is a 50% increase from 2010 when 40,000 vehicles were built.

In the UK, Yutong’s coaches are sold by Castleford-based Pelican Bus and Coach.

The 60,000th vehicle was an E7 full-electric bus used for receiving the customers who visit Yutong.

Yutong’s ‘new energy’ bus production reached 10,000 buses in 2014, confirming Yutong as not only the world’s largest coach and bus manufacturer, but also the first one to have sales of over 10,000 ‘new energy’ buses.

The figures also confirmed Yutong as the 2014 market leader in China with a 30.21% market share, followed by Higer (9.3%) and King Long (7.34%).

Commenting on the success, European sales manager Roger Zhou says: “Yutong is committed to becoming a globally-recognised coach and bus manufacturer.

“From our secure base in the Chinese market we continue to expand sales into new countries each year. In 2015 we will commence sales in Spain and Sweden.”