NCT Celebrates South Notts 90th Birthday

South Notts’ 90th birthday and the company’s long association with Gotham will be celebrated by present owner, Nottingham City Transport, on Sunday (18 September) as part of Gotham Heritage Day. The firm has been based in Gotham since the first bus operated in 1926. Two South Notts buses will be on display inside Gotham Garage from 1200-1700hrs. 

A rare opportunity to enter the garage barn for a brief tour and talk about South Notts will be available to 60 people, which will include seeing the historical wooden beams inside the barn which have been carbon dated back to the Elizabethan period.

Six ‘tour and talks’, for 10 people per session, will take place from 1415hrs and at half hourly intervals until 1645hrs, and bookings will be taken on the day at the South Notts stand inside Gotham Garage.

Visitors to Gotham Heritage Day will also be able to talk with members of the Dabell family, who established and ran South Notts Buses until 1991 when it was sold to Nottingham City Transport. The family will be displaying important artefacts and history associated with the company.

A South Notts History Board will also be unveiled at Gotham Garage, charting 90 years of history of the company, highlighting key facts over nine decades of service.