New rules for coaches exiting the UK from 2015

The Government is committed to having UK exit checks in place, and is calling on coach operators to help with a smooth transition.

As part of the 2014 Immigration Act, the Home Office is to carry out exit checks on all people leaving the UK, with a system in place by April 2015.

The aim is to detect those who have overstayed visas and to confirm when people have left the UK. At present, no record is made whenever a person leaves the UK; checks are only made on arrival.

To help with a smooth transition to this new system and to minimise the impact on coach operators, the UK Border Force is asking operators to provide the following information:

  • The size of the vehicles (number of seats) in your fleet that undertake trips to the continent
  • The booking process you currently use including when and how SOLAS data is captured/transmitted
  • The volume of coach journeys with the total per year (2013) split into day/week/month and per departure including whether it is scheduled/closed tour/private coach group
  • Details of any carrier/partnership arrangements you have with other European-based coach companies.

This information will help to develop a clear picture of coach traffic movements/processes and inform decisions on the viability of proposals.

The Home Office understands that this information is commercially sensitive and it will therefore be treated as such.

All information, along with any queries, should be sent immediately to